Passion4Arts Showcase | Presented by Good Mornings

August 17, 2017   Denver, CO

About the Child Rescue Centre programs

  • Child Support Program: Supports more than 350 children and youth by providing school fees, uniforms, books, supplies and test preparation; medical care at Mercy Hospital; family mentoring; and inclusion in CRC events like the annual Christmas party.
  • Family Care Program: Supports more than 80 children and youth who require a higher level of support, either because they have been placed in foster care or because their family situation is extremely vulnerable.
  • Residential Program: Supports approximately 40 children who were orphaned, abandoned or removed from their home by social services  They live in family groups and receive post-trauma care to prepare them to be reunited with their family or live with foster parents.  
  • Promise Scholars:  Students who complete Secondary School (high school equivalent) may apply for a Promise Scholarship to attend university or vocational/technical programs.  These scholarships are highly competitive and awarded only to top students.